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Call for Papers

Main topics

The Symposium will focus on:

  • Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and drone surveillance
  • Wide area multilateration (WAM) and airport multilateration (MLAT)
  • Satellite-based ADS-B
  • Augmentation of cooperative surveillance by means of non-cooperative surveillance techniques
  • Guidance and control functionalities on airport surface (A-SMGCS, CDM, etc.)
  • Multi-sensor data fusion and tracking
  • Remote tower operations using visual sensors in addition to surveillance augmentation.
  • Video surveillance
  • Multi-static primary surveillance
  • Evolution of data processing technologies
  • Composite surveillance ADS-B/WAM
  • Cyber security
  • Evolution of system architecture (e.g. virtualisation)
  • Airport safety nets
  • Frequency spectrum management (e.g. incl. jamming, spoofing)


The Symposium language will be English.


Authors are invited to submit papers on any of the main topics.

Abstracts shall contain about 500 words/minimum one page, show a main item or result of the topic (photo, table, illustration, etc.) and shall be submitted electronically by

30th June 2018

Please upload abstract on the ESAVS 2018 site on EasyChair using this Opens external link in new windowlink.

The cover page of submitted abstracts shall include:

- Title of paper / contribution
- Name(s) of author(s)
- Organisation / company (if applicable)
- Mailing address
- Phone and fax numbers
- E-mail address
- Identification of presenting author

Authors will be notified of accepted / rejected papers by 24th August 2018.


Submission of abstracts:30thJune,2018
Notification of authors:24thAugust,2018
Distribution of programme:24thAugust,2018
Submission of prestntations and full papers for symposium proceedings:

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